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Healthy Rites of Passage Guide & Positive Team Builder Guide - How to Prevent & Report Hazing Guide

The Hazing Prevention Coalition created online and print versions of guides to help students and faculty prevent and report hazing. The prevention guide included resources on recognizing hazing with the organization, and how to steps as a member or advisor to prevent or stop hazing. It also included information on reporting. The healthy rites of passage and team builder guide provided information on university activities that can be used as team building opportunities as well as alternatives to hazing practices common to the UA. 

How to Prevent & Report Hazing Guide

Healthy RItes of Passage and Teambuilder Guide

GLUE- Guiding Leaders through Unifying Experiences

In fall 2013, GLUE was established as a way to show student leaders what positive outcomes can come from healthy activities. This program includes a discussion on what unhealthy practices do to an organization and how to prevent hazing in the organization. 


Research conducted by through the University of Maine and other prevention research has shown that messages from key leaders can be influential in prevention efforts.